Friday, July 10, 2009

renovation to do list

Since the new house needs a lot of "love", we asked to bank for a renovation loan of $20 000.
It may seem like a big amount but I think it will be a very small budget for everything we need to do. Here is the renovation to do list

general house:
- sand, stain and varnish the floors
- repaint everything

- remove a wall
- redo floors ( we need to remove the odl floor and redo one, I'm crossing my finger that the wood floor is a ok condition under the plastic floor they have put on it)
- redo kitchen cabinets
.... basically redo a whole kitchen

we are also redo everything
- new bathtub
- new walking shower
- remove 2 walls
- new floor
- new everything

that's pretty much our to do list for the next 2 months
there's a lot of work to do also in the rest of the house but it can wait
and the bathroom and kitchen can't as you see from the photos

1 comment:

  1. Hi. I see that your bathroom is small. I have a small bathroom too. Didn't paint it because I live in a rental but if I could I'd paint it bright lime green. Color makes small spaces seem bigger. My house is all in bright color.

    I hope that helps. It took me to paint and organize my flat into what it is now. I worked at it every weekend at time.

    Good painting to you.