Saturday, July 11, 2009

design icons: serie 7 chairs

One of my favorite designer is Arne Jacobsen, danish architect, designer, leader of the danish style. Very prolific in the 60's, he is mostly known for his egg chair, ant chair, swan chair and last but not least his serie 7 chairs.
This beautifull chair was designed in 1955 for Fritz Hansen. Influenced by Charles Eames design, this iconic piece has sold some 5 million until today. Not bad for a moulded plywood seat on metal legs. It became iconic after Lewis Morley photographed Chritine Keeler sitting naked on one version of serie 7 chair and appearing in various tv shows.
Now a days, the chair comes in 19 colors and various wood finishes, so you are sure to find the right one for your decor. Here are some example of spaces who use the serie 7 chairs.

I'm totally in love with this chair and have 4 white ones at home. They will make a beautifull design statement in my new kitchen

ps: this chair is one of the most copied chairs in the world, so if you don't have the $ to buy the real thing, there are many cheaper options out there. By example, I got mine of a warehouse sale for 35$ each and they look fabulous

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