Saturday, July 11, 2009

antique bathtubs

(image source:Kathryn Russell)

(image source:

( image source:
I really love antique bathtubs with their beautiful claw feets. For me, an standing bathtub is almost a piece of art in the bathroom or in any room. I have been wanting to get one since we made a offer on the house. But their price was a bit scary for my budget ( the cheapest is $689 at home depot but it can go up to $2000). Any how, I prefer the real antique ones to the new ones at the hardware store.
So with this in mind, my quest for my antique bathtub began. I went on every websites I could think of ( craig list, kijiji, etc) and searched for one. And finally after a long search, I found one on freecycle for free!! It took 2 strong men and a pickup to bring it back home but I had finally my antique bathtub.
The only problem is that it is pretty small ( only 4feet long, but the size could be perfect for a table) Anyway if, I don't use it in my bathroom... I'll use it somewhere else, like on these photos

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