Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wallpaper of the week

from Paper Boy

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Searching for the right backsplash

The kitchen renovations are advancing really well. And we are now trying to find the perfect backsplash for it. Here are our options up to now.

1- marble mix long tiles
We really like this one. Love the mix of grays and the strong statement it makes

2- Mix of lights grays glass tiles
I bit more soft and more reflective since it is glass tile

3- Dark gray glass tiles

4- stainless steel tiles
the mock up doesn't do justice to the tile
It's a square stainless steel tile. I personally think that it's a bit too much stainless for our kitchen with the stainless appliance and the stainless counter tops
and it is really expensive

5- White marble tile
I bit to traditional for my taste

Here you can see all the tiles. The ipod is to give an idea of the size of each tile

My boyfriend and I really like option 1. But maybe it's too dark, or too much of a statement. I also really like the option 2 and the option 3. Maybe I would take option 3 in a lighter gray to match the wall color. Arrg this is hard!!! What do you think? Help me please make the right choice.

Friday, January 15, 2010

My house: Kitchen update part 1

When we first bought the house, the kitchen was a bit small and very ugly. The walls were canary yellow and the cabinet were made out of faux wood panels. But the possibilities were there. The kitchen was next to a big spare room that we didn't need and that could be transform into dinning room. By removing the wall between the kitchen and the dinning room, we could have a big open kitchen.
Here is a little update of kitchen renovation... what an adventure it was and still is... since we haven't finish the renovations yet.

The Before

Don't you just love the floor and the nice backsplash ? Well we didn't and the first thing we did was destroy everything
Starting by this wall!

The Demolition

Bye Bye ugly kitchen!

The Renovations
The wall between the kitchen and the dinning room was removed, the walls were painted a light gray and the ceramic tiles were installed. We choice gray tiles that have a bit of rust spots and cracks. They look a bit like cement. We love the industrial and worn look they had.

Then we started placing our Ikea cabinets. We went with the glossy white cabinets ( Akurum/ Abstract). Love the very modern clean look. And our stainless steel appliances were put into place.

Next we installed all the hardware. We went with ( Vinna) from Ikea. In addition the stainless steel counter tops were installed.

Also with the demolition of the wall, we had a lot free space and we decided to construct a kitchen island. This is the very time we have a kitchen island and we love it! It gave us so much more counter space. And it's perfect to eat breakfast in the morning.
We also painted one wall with chalkboard paint. Perfect to write the grocery list and to add a bit of fun to our kitchen.

This is pretty it for the kitchen reno update. We still have a lot to do. Lots of little details here and there, installing the backsplash, installing the kitchen hood but we are really happy about the results. So keep check out the blog to see how it all turns out

If you have any questions or need some advice, please feel free to ask. We have learned a lot with this renovations. And I would be happy to help you with yours.

Well I hope you like our kitchen up to now. Even if the photos don't do it justice.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wallpaper of the Week

cute wallpaper made of a lot circles. You can DIY with the help of a sharpie pen and different round shapes. Great inspiration!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

DIY: custom mugs with waterslide decals

Check out this great tutorial by Melinda from Little Old Hat. She made custom mugs with waterslide decals. The results are amazing! This project looks really fun. I really want to try it.
Check out the tutorial here.
Hope you like it!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wow Wall Colors: medium gray

I love grays! For me they are the perfect neutral color. And this gray is no exception.
This rich medium gray is gorgeous. Love the tone of brown in it!
It looks similar to the horizon gray from Benjamin Moore
Hope you like it!

photo source: The Style Files

Monday, January 11, 2010

DIY: Paper crane dip into Plasti Dip

Just found this great DIY Project: Origami Paper cranes dipped in Plasti Dip. I have been thinking of making a paper crane mobile for the nursery... maybe I could do a Plasti Dip version. What do you think?

source: B.Light Design ( you can buy the origami rubber cranes here)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Wallpaper of the week

Love this wallpaper from Ralph Lauren. Reminds me of my illustrations. I went to check on the Ralph Lauren website to find out more about it. And it seems that this wallpaper is no longer available. It guess you always Do it yourself with photocopies of diverse etchings. It still is a great inspiration.

On the Ralph Lauren's website, I have found some wallpaper that are quite interesting. Here are some examples. Hope you like them!

1- Blason Novelty - Parchement
2- Estate Letters - Taupe

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Real or Steal: Magino stool

This acrylic stool by Karim Rashid for Umbra has been on my wishlist for ages but the price of 320$ each, kept this furniture in my dream instead of in my home. I want to use two of them as bedside tables for my bedroom and paying 740$ for them.... seemed a bit much. Well no worries because Target is selling a copy for half the price. So take your pick, the real deal or the great steal!

The real deal: Magino stool $320 cad
The great steal: Anouk acrylic stool

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fell in love with a piece of fabric

I recently went to Ikea and fell in love with a piece of fabric. The new Annamoa collection is just the cutest thing. I especially love the little fox one and the various squares one. I think the fox is going to be my main inspiration for the nursery. And the other one is going into my art studio.
After all at 7.99$ per meter is can be a great impact for a very low price.
designed by: Lotta K├╝hlhorn, Swedish designer

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy new year and some news

Happy New Year to everyone!!
I really hope that this year will be full of joy and inspiration to all of you.
As for me, last year was a very busy year with our first house, our big dreams of renovation and finally.. drum roll please.... our first baby on the way!! Yes, it's true. In the middle of May, we will become 2 cats + a house and a baby.
With this in mind, here are some great inspiration for a nursery.
My office will soon be transform in a baby room and I found some great ideas on the web to inspire me. Hope you like them!

From Design Sponge, this beautiful room with a lovely vintage off-white crib
Love the colors, love the umbrella

Again from Design Sponge, this room show us that we can transform any furniture into a changing table. Love the soft green color.

Form Design Sponge, this lovely room by Megan Crates is just great inspiration. So soft, so much light! Love the fabric on the wall