Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Searching for the right backsplash

The kitchen renovations are advancing really well. And we are now trying to find the perfect backsplash for it. Here are our options up to now.

1- marble mix long tiles
We really like this one. Love the mix of grays and the strong statement it makes

2- Mix of lights grays glass tiles
I bit more soft and more reflective since it is glass tile

3- Dark gray glass tiles

4- stainless steel tiles
the mock up doesn't do justice to the tile
It's a square stainless steel tile. I personally think that it's a bit too much stainless for our kitchen with the stainless appliance and the stainless counter tops
and it is really expensive

5- White marble tile
I bit to traditional for my taste

Here you can see all the tiles. The ipod is to give an idea of the size of each tile

My boyfriend and I really like option 1. But maybe it's too dark, or too much of a statement. I also really like the option 2 and the option 3. Maybe I would take option 3 in a lighter gray to match the wall color. Arrg this is hard!!! What do you think? Help me please make the right choice.


  1. I like the top tiles best too.

    I did an entire shower surround in high-end stainless squares. VERY heavy to install as they are really steel shells filled with cement. Looked great for about three days, then the water spotting would not wipe off completely and left marks, no matter how much I dried and used metal cleaners. Tore the whole thing out. $@k down teh drain -- literally.

  2. *$2K* down *the* drain

    got so emotional when I wrote that I couldn't spell straight