Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My bathroom

Do you remember my ugly 2 room bathroom. Here are the before photos.
We have worked a lot and it's finally getting there. Here is small update on the renovations.
Sorry for the bad photos.. but it think the changes are still very noticeable.
So we destroy the wall between the tub and the toilet and destroyed a small closet on the side and move everything and changed everything. What do you think?
I love it! Here are all the details and cost.
The shower:
Love my shower. It's big and warm and perfect. So perfect in fact that I have the hardest time getting out of it to go to work in the morning. We bought the base and glass panels at the hardware store for around 1000$. It was very hard to bring it home. Those glass doors weighted a ton. And we broke one glass panel on our first trip. The tiles were bought at a ceramic stores and they are italian I think. They were 9$ the square feet. The shower head was bought on ebay for 199$. It's half plastic, half metals. And it comes with 4 water jets and a large rain forest shower head. It was very easy to install.
The vanity:
The vanity is a ikea hack. We bought the new ikea's vanity and we added a granit countertop and 2 ceramic sinks to it. It looks amazing. We had shopped around for a vanity but they were all so expensive ( more than a 1000$ and we still had to buy the sinks and faucets) that we decided to customize the ikea one to our need. It wasn't cheap ( ikea vanity 299$, sinks 100$ each, faucet 40$ each, granit around 300$)
The bath tub:
We shopped a lot for this one. And we finally found this squared bathtub at a small shop for 430$. The ceramics were bought were 7$ the square feet.

That's about it
IT was really more expensive than I taught.
Mostly because we had to redo a lot of the pluming, but the result are just perfect.

If you have any questions or want more details on this bathroom transformation feel free to write to me.

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